We are Balbina García and Toni Osorio and we are recovering abandoned vineyards. We have a commitment to the land, which is to return its original structure in balance with the vineyard. This is how we understand that the landscape must be preserved and we are convinced that this is how we will get the best fruits to make our wines.

Our tools are the brush cutter, the mower, the scraper and the scissors. We do not have a tractor, we will plow the essentials to incorporate organic matter (in the form of manure, compost and forest microorganisms) and to unpack the soil. We do not use any synthetic products, pesticides or insecticides. Our vineyards coexist with the local fauna and flora that are our best allies and our soil is beginning to recover from so many years of erosive agriculture, thanks to regenerative agriculture.

In the winery we work with the same philosophy as in the vineyard, our only raw material is grapes, everything we need to make wine comes from the vineyard. We use local grapes and ferment the musts with their own yeasts from the skin. After fermentation, the wines are placed in different containers and clarified by gravity with the cold of winter until the day of bottling. We do not add any preservatives at  the time of bottling, except for small doses of sulfur on rare occasions.